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BM series Analytical Balance


DN series precision balance, adopts technology of  resistance load cell type sensor and microcomputer circuit. Novel transparent appearance, body is made of cast aluminum, solid and durable,

Switch with the humanized design,response quickly,better stability. High quality and inexpensive, widely used.

MA series moisture analyzer configures high precision weighing sensor and high efficiency halogen lamp heat device on the basis of electronic balance, to reach the rapid and accurate moisture determination. High quality and inexpensive.
SWS series of waterproof scale has excellent waterproof, anti-fouling properties, can adapt to a variety of harsh environment

DNE series are high accuracy, high capacity,stainless steel weighing pan Industrial precision balance. It adopts important components from foreign countries, with introduced advanced foreign production technology. It has fast response, large weighing, high accuracy, better stability,  high quality and inexpensive, easy to operate.

BM series Portable electronic balance adopts technology of load cell type sensor.

This series is widely used in the industries of food, pharmacy and all kinds of industrial measurement.


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