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Some problems on the calibration of electronic balance

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, you must find out! Today, Xiaobian sorted out several questions about the calibration of electronic balance that customers have consulted most. I hope it will be helpful to you.
Question 1. I can't calibrate the electronic balance because I don't have calibration weight. It continues to display errors, and whether there is a way to know whether purchasing and waiting for calibration weights are helpful for calibration.
You need to perform a linear calibration to see if the electronic balance only needs calibration or maintenance. To test this project, you can use a roll of nickel coins as a substitute for the 100g weight. Nickel weight
Very constant at 5g each.
When error 1 is displayed, linear calibration must be carried out to find out whether there is a problem with the calibration or the balance needs to be repaired. If error 4 is displayed during calibration, the balance needs to be repaired. In this case,
If you purchase a nickel coin, you can use a calibration weight, but you must fix it. Remember that the weighing mass of the balance depends on the mass of the weight used for calibration. You can go straight
Then buy test weights from our company.

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