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Why is there no display for weighing after zero setting

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Why is there no display for weighing after zero setting? Let's describe this problem and why there is no display for weighing after zero setting.
1. The mainboard of the weighbridge is aging.
2. The weighbridge has no self-test zeroing response after starting up. At this time, we can reset it. The steps during the period are: press and hold the zero key to start up, and then set the range, but
If it cannot be set, there is no range when restarting. At this time, it can be concluded that the memory chip will be damaged. Our treatment method for this situation is to install a new chip for calibration.
3. The software of the weighbridge is not updated in time, so the remote control reception of the old weighbridge will interfere with the setting of the single chip. It does not return to zero after self inspection, but it will appear after occasionally returning to zero
The change of division value caused by vibration will lead to large error. After the weighed items are removed, there will be a negative number.
4. The internal code of the weighbridge is unstable and the hold key will display ad when starting up. If you can't jump to the internal code value, the internal code will not be stable at this time. The reason is that the weighbridge is in the wet ring for a long time
In case of damage caused by environment or poor contact, it is the inner code of the weighbridge that can be replaced.

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