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What is the difference between dynamic and static weighing s

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Automatic weighing scale is used for on-line detection of product weight or integrity. In principle, it is necessary to distinguish between dynamic weighing scale and static weighing scale. So what's the difference between them
Static weighing scale means that the product must be manually placed on the platform scale or platform scale, which determines the time when it reaches the estimated weight. This can obtain an accurate weighing junction
However, this process can only be performed by sampling.
Dynamic weighing scale, also known as automatic weighing scale or mistakenly called "belt scale" (actually used for weighing bulk materials), is used to produce piece goods according to the weight standard
The monitoring and classification of substances, and even the intervention of filling equipment through the trend controller of filling equipment according to FPV (local finished product packaging regulation), for example. This is for all
Full automatic weighing (100% control) of production products, in which the products are continuously weighed on the conveyor belt, i.e. in a dynamic state. In this case, it is not a scale, but a student
The production speed determines the time for the scale to output the weight value.

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