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Do you need metrological verification?

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If the measuring tools on the compulsory inspection catalogue stipulated by the state are used for trade settlement, safety protection, medical and health regeneration, environmental monitoring, and if the answer is used as a measuring standard, these must be imported
Compulsory verification is rarely required in industry standards; In addition, it is difficult to calibrate; Of course, calibration can only be carried out after the measurement standard is established and the qualification certificate of measurement standard is obtained.
Prepare a clear verification regulation, which must specify the verification contents, judgment methods and standards. And the measured standard parts can be traced to the source. That is, a higher level of standard parts are required for calibration and scoring
For example: 1. Verify the vernier caliper; 2. Check the verticality in the national standard; 3. Tightness of fitting, etc.
The verification of internal and external cards shall be compared with the standard gauge block according to the national standard. However, if there is no standard gauge block, you can also use a caliper as a standard part and compare it with it. That is, a caliper for external calibration,

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