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What are the transfer modes of the pipette?

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There are many types of pipettes on the market, mainly divided into manual pipettes and electric pipettes. Manual pipettes are mostly used. However, there are many modes of pipettes, and the modes of pipettes are different
Then its functions are different. The modes of the pipette are roughly divided into the following categories:
(1) Sample mixing mode,
(2) Reverse suction mode, which is specially designed to absorb high viscosity, high vapor pressure or foaming liquid.
(3) In the electrophoresis loading mode, the set pipetting volume will suck the liquid at a faster adjustable speed, and then discharge the liquid at a slower speed to avoid diffusion. This mode is in 1000u range pipette.
(4) The graded transfer mode is specially designed for continuous transfer of liquid. The liquid is continuously transferred according to the set transfer times and amount.

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