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What is the reason why the electronic machine can not start

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First of all, it is necessary to determine whether it is caused by the problems of fuse (use. Power switch, power line and voltage switching switch), and check whether there is AC in the transformer
Voltage input and AC output.
If the electronic balance is equipped with a battery, first remove the battery and then start it with AC power to see if it is caused by insufficient battery voltage.
Then check whether the rectifier circuit, voltage stabilizing circuit and display driving circuit are normal. If there is no problem above It is necessary to check whether the processor and auxiliary circuits are burnt out.
According to the actual test of abundance, the balance is normal; Whether it is in a horizontal position, whether the yard needs to be rented, and whether the inside and outside of the glass frame are clean. Electronic balance people balance objects with inductive force
The balance is called electronic balance. It is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration and stacking force of over number protection

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