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BNT-GP60 Automatic polarimeter

BNT-GP series polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the optical rotation of substances. Through the determination of optical rotation, the concentration, content and purity of substances can be analyzed and determined. It is widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemical, flavor, fragrance, sugar and other industries and related universities and research institutes.

Product Detail



1: Built-in Peltier temperature control to improve accuracy and stability;

2: There are optical rotation/specific rotation/concentration/sugar degree and custom mode;

3: LED cold light source replaces traditional sodium lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;

4: Complies with 21CFR Part 11 audit trail, complies with Pharmacopoeia 2020 and electronic signature;

5: Comply with GBT14454.5-2008/GBT35887-2018, etc.;

6: Multi-level authority management, authority can be configured freely;

7: 8-inch touch color screen, humanized operation interface;

8: The system comes with an automatic calibration system.


Software function:

Audit trail: full version audit trail and user hierarchical authority management, super administrator can modify
all passwords and user names and traceable, super administrator can modify all operator permissions, user
account has two functions of disable and enable, personnel replacement There is no need to delete the
account temporarily, it can be locked, and it can be unblocked when using it. The U disk exports PDF and Excel
data with tamper-proof function.

A relatively complete audit trail, there should be relevant records for login, logout, data modification, time,
operation steps, export to U disk, etc.


User management: hierarchical management, super administrators assign permissions, administrators can create
multiple users, each user can use their own user name, enter the user name and password when logging in, the
user account has two functions: disable and enable

The highest authority can modify the username and password of others, and can be tracked.


Data retrieval function: convenient for users to quickly find the data they want in a large number of databases


Graph function: real-time display of graphs during the test, which is convenient for analysis


Memory: expandable to 64G


Software upgrade: support U disk automatic upgrade, no need to return to the factory


The main technical parameters:


Measurement mode: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sugar content

Light source: LED cold light source + high-precision interference filter

Working wavelength: 589.3nm

Test function: single, multiple, continuous measurement mode

Measuring range: Optical rotation ±90° Sugar content ±259°Z

Specific rotation range: ±1000

Minimum reading: 0.001° (optical rotation)

Indication error: ±0.01°

Repeatability: (standard deviation s) 0.002° (optical rotation)

Temperature control range: 10℃-50℃ (Peltier)

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

Display mode: 8-inch TFT true color touch screen

Test tube: 200mm, 100mm common type, 100mm temperature control type

Light transmittance: 0.1%

Automatic calibration: yes

User management: Yes/three-level management

Communication interface: USB connection, RS232 connection, VGA, Ethernet

Data storage: 8G

Audit trail: Yes

Software upgrade: U disk automatic upgrade

Method library: Yes

Electronic signature: Yes

Pre-stored measurement method: Yes

Measurement database: 8G

*Multi-function search: Yes

Custom formula editing: Yes

*Multiple file format export: PDF and Excel

WIFI printing: Yes

Others: optional test tube (0.8ML micro temperature control test tube and 200mm temperature control type)


Communication interface: USB/keyboard/mouse/universal printer/VGA/Ethernet

*Printer: compatible with wireless laser printers and dot matrix printers

Operating System: Yes

Language: Chinese/English

Export file verification high-level protection MD5: Yes

User classification and authority setting: Level 3

User retrieve password: Yes

Modification date and time retrospective: Yes

Instrument level: 0.01 level

Other optional accessories: mouse, keyboard connection, universal printer/wireless network printer

Power source: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 250W

Net weight of the instrument: 28kg


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