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How to increase the service life of your electronic balance

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We all have laboratory precision instruments on electronic scales. We need to pay attention to daily maintenance in use and take corresponding protective measures before use
The electronic balance can be in a good and stable working state and ensure the accuracy of weighing results.
Suzhou golden diamond saidoris scientific instrument first-class agent, 15 years of service experience in electronic balance industry, friendly reminder to do the following 7 points
1. The electronic balance shall not vibrate during transportation and movement.
2. The use environment of electronic balance shall not be wet, and it is best to be dry and constant temperature.
3. If the electronic balance is in a compound or intrinsically safe explosion-proof system, the explosion-proof regulations shall be observed.
4. The electronic balance is very sensitive to the external ambient temperature. It should avoid exposure to the sun and direct sunlight during use. If the ambient temperature exceeds the rated temperature range, it will cause weighing error.

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