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suggestions for routine maintenance of electronic balance

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(1) There is a stable worktable in the balance room, and the worktable that can place the electronic balance should avoid vibration, air flow and sunlight, and make the level of the balance bubble to the middle position; And electronic day
The flat room shall be kept clean, tidy and dry. It is not allowed to wash, eat, smoke, etc.
(2) the electronic balance shall be kept and maintained by a specially assigned person, and a technical archive bag shall be set up to store the operation manual, verification certificate and test records, and regularly record the maintenance and overhaul. (3)
The electronic balance shall be preheated according to the requirements of the operation manual before use.
(4) The scale pan, shell and hood shall be cleaned frequently. Generally, clean silk cloth with a little ethanol can be used to wipe gently, and strong solvent can be used. After the balance is cleaned, a non corrosive desiccant shall be placed in the frame and changed regularly
Change. For example, when weighing volatile and corrosive items, they should be placed in a closed container to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance.
(5) Self calibration or regular external calibration shall be conducted for the electronic balance frequently to ensure that the sensitivity of the balance is in the best state. If the balance is found to be unqualified, it shall be stopped immediately and sent to professional personnel for repair. balance
It can only be used after being repaired and verified to be qualified.
(6) If any abnormality is found after the electronic balance is turned on, the balance shall be turned off immediately, and the power supply, wiring, fuse, sliding door, weighed object, operation method, etc. shall be checked accordingly; And make
(7) do not overload the operation balance to avoid damaging the balance.
(8) If the electronic balance is not used for a long time, it should be stored temporarily, and the shutdown label should be attached according to the regulations.

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